Aeroplan just published an infographic that showed 12 common Aeroplan myths (in my opinion some of these are still true but I still think it is the best frequent flyer program for Canadians).


They include:

The myths that I still believe are true include: (Myth 1 and Myth 4 I have never experienced when trying to find the popular flights (i.e. to New Zealand or Sydney or Europe).

I liked the way they constructed this as many consumers still see the negative articles by CBC (a consumer who is shocked by the high fuel surcharges on a trip), but many consumers still don’t understand that you can find many trips (like the trip I am taking on this summer with my family with a stopover in Halifax to visit my extended family in Ontario that would cost nearly $900 out of pocket each for just $145 in taxes!

Which myths do you believe to be false?