$520 for Air Canada Maple Leaf Access (Minister Charges Taxpayers for Access)

I wish Minister Philpott knew about travel hacking and the benefits of some our credit cards before charging Canadian taxpayers for Air Canada Maple Leaf Access.

I still don’t know why politicians charge for elite privileges like limo services or first class flights. These shouldn’t be used by MPs.

Spokesman Andrew MacKendrick told The Canadian Press on Monday that Philpott intends to repay the $520.

In a statement, Philpott said she has already directed her department to review all of her expenses, vowing to fully reimburse any other filings found to be inappropriate.

“I apologize and we will take steps to ensure this does not happen again,” she said.

Here is a link to the story from Canadian Press.

What are your thoughts when politicians charge taxpayers for these extra perks? 

I understand that many travel a lot more than the average person and need to provide good service to their constituents, but there is a level of expectation needed.