I decided to write this blog as a way to share all the travel tips and tricks I have learned. Having been raised by my immigrant parents, it’s second nature to scour out the deals.

The term travel hacking sounds mischievous but personally, it means, “Exploring the limits of what is possible by making your travel budget go farther by understanding how to get the best prices.”
Canadians love to travel. The World Tourism Organization reports that Canada was #6 following countries as the top 10 biggest spenders on international tourism for the year 2011.

I grew up in Southern Canada and had the privilege of vacationing in the Northeast US, for the Hampotns to Cape Cod, and over to Southern Europe. These trips were to visit family and friends, little did I know these were some of the most beautiful places in the world. The love of travel was breed into me from a young age.

I moved to New Zealand partially because of the 400-plus golf courses and to study and again when time allowed travelled abroad to explore new places. In my mid-thirties, I was struck by love and married an Italian Canadian. We now have 3 beautiful kids and live in Victoria BC.

I stepped back from my career to raise my children and now that they are becoming more independent, I’m told to get a life. I am writing this blog to share great tips and tricks with my fellow Canadians on travel.


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