Aeroplan has extended their pause on expiry of points until May 31, 2023 – meaning that between now and May 30, 2023, any Aeroplan points which would have expired will not.  Effective May 31, 2023, their normal expiration policy will once again apply meaning points will expire if an eligible transaction has not been completed within the 18 months prior to this date.

They have several ways to check to make sure they’re not at risk of having their points expire: 

  • At any time, members can view the date their points may expire by logging into their account dashboard.  
  • Aeroplan sends members reminders to customers at risk of their points expiring to encourage members to make a qualifying transaction such as: linking their Aeroplan account to their Starbucks and/or Uber/Uber Eats accounts and making a qualifying purchase, using an Aeroplan credit card, shopping online via the Aeroplan eStore at retailers like Amazon, The Bay, Sephora, Dyson, Lululemon, and the Gap, staying at one of our partner hotels like Fairmont Hotels and Resorts, or even donating points to one of our Aeroplan charities

As a reminder, for members who do end up expiring (after May 30, 2023), as part of their policy, Aeroplan will reinstate all their points if they fly with Air Canada or if they get an Aeroplan co-brand credit card via one of their partners TD, CIBC, American Express or Chase, within 6 months of the day the points expired.

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