Starting May 25 at Toronto-Pearson (YYZ) and expanding progressively to other airports throughout the month of June, Air Canada will have staff at both check-in and security checkpoints to quickly confirm and tag carry-on bags that meet the airline’s carry-on dimensions as “approved.”


According to officials, this will make it easier and safer to stow personal items on board, may help reduce wait times at security, and will help avoid flight delays caused by larger bags being checked at the gate.

If a customer’s carry-on baggage needs to be checked Air Canada will help with that at check-in. If a customer gets to security and needs to check a bag that exceeds allowable size limits, they will receive a special card that will get them quickly back to a check-in agent, and then on to their departure gate.

Air Canada’s carry-on policy allows customers to bring on-board one standard article, such as a roller bag, and one personal article, such as a briefcase or laptop bag. Dimensions must not exceed: Standard article: 23 x 40 x 55 centimetres, including handles and wheels; Personal article:16 x 33 x 43 centimetres.


  • Kathryn Creedy
    Posted May 23, 2015 12:39 pm 0Likes

    This is a very awkward process that would be better done at the gate. To take someone out of an already compacted and stressful security procedure for this is inexcusable. It would make me more angry than security already makes me. This is really bad and it would cause me to book away from AC.

    • Steven Zussino
      Posted May 23, 2015 4:40 pm 0Likes

      I am not sure what the ideal procedure is – I think the airlines are trying to increase their revenue with this idea (others are already doing this), when we flew Air New Zealand they checked all the bags.

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