I haven’t used Air Miles Dream miles for a long time (except for buying a Dyson vacuum and Peg Perego car seat on sale).

I have never found any good redemption values.

Loyalty One has cancelled their Expiration policy.


They removed the deadline (after a lot of negative press). CBC did a Marketplace segment but unfortunately I am not sure what those users were doing (they showed 5 users trying to redeem their Dream miles).

Take my advice, either don’t bother collecting these miles (going out of your way to shop at retailers that offer these), or redeem them for Cash Miles and save yourself the agony of trying to redeem for a flight.

What this means for most collectors as LoyaltyOne needs to pay for these rewards that collectors redeem is that the price of some of the rewards will go up.

I just want to start a petition where I can see the good ol’ days back with them (about 7 years ago), where they had easy rewards to understand and redeem for, like Cineplex or Starbucks gift cards, and not this complicated rewards structure.

What are your thoughts on the Expiration Policy removal?


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  • Kate
    Posted December 6, 2016 12:30 pm 0Likes

    I agree. Getting movie passes or Starbucks would be awesome. I’ve had an airmiles card since the 90s and only ever enough points for a docking station which was even the old I phone jack.
    I still have nothing to show. Don’t get it. Wasted effort.

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