Have you heard of HitchPlanet?


The ride-sharing service has increased in popularity since it began and has now expanded to 80 different communities across B.C., as well as areas in Alberta and Washington State.

By using Hitch, everybody saves money.

Return trip from Vancouver to Whistler

Gas cost$40-60
$ per hitcher$30
Gas cost
with 2 hitchers
As a hitcher, you’d save you about $15 on a bus ticket since your cost of using Hitch is only around $35 (the gas contribution to the driver).

As a driver, the 120km between Vancouver and Whistler cost around $40-60 in gas (return). By taking 2 hitchers and asking each to contribute $30, your gas is covered!

Any contributions exceeding the gas money help drivers cover hidden costs, such as car insurance and maintenance.

The service is free to the drivers, but passengers are required to pay a small fee for their seats.

The company is still growing, but he says they’re attempting to provide incentives to potential drivers to post trips that are a minimum of 50 kilometres so the service can grow from city-to-city.

It seems like a great idea – filling empty inventory.

Does anyone think this will catch on?