Car Rental Tip! You Can Borrow a Free Child Car Seat from AAA/CAA

This is an amazing perk of the AAA / CAA membership (other than the discounts).


The next time you need to bring the uber heavy car seats on your trip, call the AAA office near your destination to see if you can borrow a car seat, but you’ll have to find some way to get your kid from the airport to the AAA office without one.

Has anyone tried this before?

Having an expensive car seat and getting it damaged is not worth it!


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  • Victoria
    Posted June 29, 2016 8:51 am 0Likes

    Please don’t. The one time I did this (and I was a FTM and didn’t make the arrangements), they showed up with an infant seat. When I told that my son was too big, I was told tough cookies. That’s all they had.
    Will the baby still fit in her infant car seat? That would be easier to bring.
    Anyone you know where you’re headed? If so, perhaps arrange buying a Scenera and having them pick it up or have it shipped to them. If it’s somewhere you’ll revisit in the next few years, consider leaving it there, if possible. You would either need this person to meet you at the airport or use alternate transportation to your destination. Sometimes car rentals are cheaper from downtown, rather than airport, locations.

    You can’t generalize about one rental car company over another. I’ve rented from several different ones and have never seen decent seats (I like to take a peek!) Some people luck out and get new seats but they get grimy quickly. Also, one location might be more careful than another so don’t go by just the agency’s name.
    One “tip” which I hate to even mention but one guy on calls up not the national number but the number of the actual location through which he’ll be renting. He then peppers them with questions about the car seat. I can’t promote this but I thought I’d mention it.

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