British Columbians can once again collect reward points on pharmacy purchases thanks to a successful legal challenge by Sobeys.

On Friday, July 25, the Supreme Court of British Columbia struck down the College of Pharmacists of BC bylaws that, since December 2, 2013, have prohibited pharmacy patients in the province from earning loyalty rewards, including Safeway’s AIR MILES® and Club Thrifty Foods Points on non-government funded pharmacy prescriptions.

Sobeys frequent flyer miles.
Sobeys frequent flyer miles.

“We are delighted that as a result of our efforts, Safeway and Thrifty Foods’ pharmacy customers will once again be able to earn the rewards they enjoy to enrich their lives, help buy products and travel,” said Sandra Aylward, Vice President, Professional and Regulatory Affairs, Sobeys Inc.

“Safeway and Thrifty Foods will now move quickly to reinstate our Safeway AIR MILESÒ and Club Thrifty Foods Points reward programs so that pharmacy customers at both banners will once again be able to earn rewards on their non-government funded pharmacy purchases,” said Aylward.

British Columbians that shop at Safeway, Thrifty Foods and Sobeys banner stores will also continue to earn loyalty rewards for purchases made throughout the balance of the store.