Starting January 8th until February 8th, you can earn 5x Bonus Paytm Points when you pay your credit card bill with the Paytm Canada app.

5x PayTm

Here’s how their latest promo works:

  • From January 8th to February 8th every dollar that you pay towards a credit card bill will earn you 5x Paytm Bonus Points.
  • 1 Paytm Point for every $1 spent on a credit card bill payment will be credited instantly, and the 5x Bonus Points* will be credited to your Paytm account on February 15th.
  • For example: a $500 credit card bill payment will earn you 500 Paytm Points instantly, and a *bonus* of 2,500 Paytm Points will be collected into your Paytm account on February 15th.
  • You will earn 5x Bonus Paytm Points on your first $1,000 of credit card bill payments for a maximum of 5,000 bonus Paytm Points.

Collect Paytm Points faster and redeem them for FREE or discounted e-gift cards from popular brands like Starbucks, Uber Eats, IKEA, Indigo, Sephora, and many more. Don’t put off paying those holiday bills for one more minute! Read the full Terms & Conditions for this promotion here.

The bottom line is, you have to pay your bills anyway, so why not pay them through the Paytm Canada app, save money and get rewarded while doing so. Help your own bottom line this year. Sound too good to be true? It’s because we are.

If you don’t already have an account, use my PTM7399557 (I appreciate it)

*Maximum of 5,000 Paytm Points will be credited.