In-Store Cash Back is a free program that enables you to earn Cash Back even when you shop offline at your local retail stores, by linking Cash Back offers to your credit card in three simple steps:

First, sign into your Ebates account. (If you don’t have an account, sign up here — you’ll get a $5 welcome bonus.)

  1. Add a card. Select a credit card to add to your Ebates account
  2. Link an offer. Find an offer through Ebates (on our site or in the Ebates App) and link it to your card
  3. Go shopping. Just use the card you selected to make your purchase— the Cash Back you earn will be automatically added to your Ebates account

How to add a card

  1. Sign in to your Ebates account
  2. Under “My Account,” click on “MyWallet”
  3. Click on “Add a New Card” and enter the credit/debit cards you’d like to shop with

How to link an offer

To redeem an In-Store Cash Back offer, you must link it to the card you’ve added to your Ebates account. To do that, visit In-Store Cash Back Offers, find the offers you like, and link them to the card.

Offers must be linked to your card before you make your purchase, and they must be valid (not expired) when you make your purchase. To see which offers you’ve linked to your card, and to ensure they have not expired, follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to your Ebates account
  2. Visit In-Store Cash Back
  3. Click on “Linked Offers”

How to go shopping

You can go shopping two ways:

  • Use your mobile device. Use our mobile site or the Ebates App to find your offer and link it to your card, even while you’re shopping in the store. There’s no waiting: offers you select will link to your card in real time. Each linked offer is redeemable for a single purchase only, but if you want to make a second purchase, you can use your mobile device while in the store to link to the offer again.
  • Use your computer. Find an offer on, link it to your card and use that card to go shopping. (If you elect not to use a mobile device, please note that In-Store Cash Back offers are good for only a single purchase at a time.)

Regardless of whether you use your mobile device or computer to link your offer, simply shop as you normally would. You don’t need to present anything to the salesperson.

The best thing about this program is that you can use it on the fly. If you have the Ebates app on your smartphone, you don’t need to worry about activating any offers before you head out for your next shopping trip; you can simply link them to your card while you’re at the store.