Hotel costs are a major cost for frequent flyers – I don’t like to redeem a lot of hotel points as I find they are not a good value for many places.

I am a big Priceline fan but I have found a new website that uncovers price mistakes, low room rates and extreme hotel specials!

I consider around $100 a fair price for a room but this site uncovers gems at under $50 a night!

Extreme Hotel Deals
Extreme Hotel Deals

Some things about how the website works – they send email alerts but you can’t filter by region (so I get deals for Europe even though I live in Vancouver Island). Sometimes they even send one-day deals and that simply doesn’t work for me.

My favourite deal is when they posted the Four Seasons Vancouver at a rate of $160 – they seem to find all the great consolidator rates as well.

Here is a link to their website.