Free Hotel and Rental Credit (Uber, TravelPony, AirBnb)


New accounts can add an additional $20 credit. Sign-in, go to the promotions page and enter code HIPMUNK to add $25 credit.

The additional credit will show under “additional promotions” and be available when you book your first ride.

Credit to and their forum as the first place I saw this. 



I love this website when I want to stay in an expensive city but cannot afford a hotel. This lets you find houses, apartments and even treehouses with great prices. I even have my condo listed (to make extra travel money to get away). (Use our referral and get $25 credit with your first booking)!


You earn $35 in Travel credit when you create an account. Also, $25 off bookings of $250 or more, Code 25OFF. Not bad!