Candidates must make themselves available for deployment for a period of eight weeks after April 28, 2014.

CANEOM will deploy 38 Long-term observers (LTOs) to observe May 25 Presidential election in Ukraine as part of Canada’s Bilateral Election Observation Mission.


Skills and Experience:
-Be in excellent health and fully mobile;
-Be able to access email. CANEOM communicates instructions and information electronically, due to mission time constraints and observers being spread across a number of time zones;
-Possess a Canadian passport valid for at least 6 months and has at least some blank pages in it to allow for visas;
-Be flexible and willing to adapt to changing schedules;
-Be able to deploy rapidly, and endure difficult conditions with only basic accommodations;
-Have experience quickly fitting into multinational teams;
-Have international experience in central and eastern Europe
-Proficiency in Ukrainian and/or Russian is an asset.

The mission’s objectives are to observe and report on whether the election result genuinely reflects the democratic expression of the voters of Ukraine. The Canadian observers aim to observe, record, and report while in no way interfering or intervening in any electoral processes.

We can ONLY accept candidates that are Canadian citizens. We cannot accept applications from Permanent Residents as selected observers need to enter Ukraine on a Canadian passport.

The ideal candidate would have previous domestic or international electoral experience, in-Ukraine/regional work experience or some conversational knowledge of Ukrainian/Russian. We will consider any applicants with some combination of these that are Canadian citizens, have a valid passport and are available for the duration of the deployment.

All long term observers are provided a weekly honorarium. Selected candidates would have air transportation and insurance covered and would receive funds for their in country expenses (i.e. local transport, meals, accommodations, etc).Shortlisted candidates will receive more details on this.

Available here to apply.