I personally do not have this card but it has some interesting offers where you don’t need to redeem points!


The National Bank World Elite MasterCard has a new offer where you earn $200 in points first year, $100 in points second year and $250 travel credit (on airport parking ($100), seat selection ($50) and baggage check-in fees ($100)).

The first year is also free (value of $150).

Emergency Medical:

54 or under = 60 days; 55 – 64 = 31 days; 65 – 74 = 15 days

Trip Cancellation:

$2,500 per insured person

Trip Interruption:

$5,000 per insured person

Baggage Delay:

Baggage delayed for 6 hours = $500

Looks like you can only redeem in certain increments. 11,000 points = $100. Next is 50,000 = $500, and each 10K above 50K is another $100. So if you only do the first year, 20K points you will have to do some spending to get 22K points to get your $200 credit. Otherwise only $100.

You must “purchase your trip at a travel agency, online travel agency, airline or the À la carte Rewards Travel Agency.”

Here is a link to the card’s details.