The Winnipeg based discounted carrier, NewLeaf Travel Company is planning to offer low-cost travel from its main bases in Winnipeg, Hamilton and Kelowna to multiple destinations. They aim to compete with Air Canada and WestJet by planning to change the way Canadians travel in an ‘ultra low-cost way.’


The airline will be operated by Flair Airlines Ltd and will start flying on February 12th.

Flight available starting from $89 CAD.

Abbotsford – Vancouver (YXX)
Halifax (YHZ)
Hamilton – Toronto (YHM)
Kelowna (YLW)
Regina (YQR)
Saskatoon (YXE)
Winnipeg (YWG)

One-way fares

Kelowna to Saskatoon – $89
Kelowna to Regina – $89
Abbotsford to Saskatoon
Abbotsford to Regina – $89
Kelowna to Winnipeg – $99
Winnipeg to Hamilton – $99
Hamilton to Halifax – $99
Hamilton to Saskatoon – $119
Hamilton to Regina – $119
Abbottsford to Winnipeg – $119
Hamilton to Kelowna – $149
*One way fares each way include taxes and fees

Hamilton/Toronto to Winnipeg | $203 CAD
Kelowna to Hamilton/Toronto | $289 CAD
Halifax to Hamilton/Toronto | $199 CAD
Winnipeg to Abbotsford/Vancouver | $232 CAD
*Flights above are roundtrip and include taxes