I earn many frequent flyer miles with my everyday spending when I use my credit cards (see resources for the credit cards I use).

No Credit Card surcharges in Canada.
No Credit Card surcharges in Canada.

A major decision was made today as Canada’s Competition Tribunal has dismissed a major case against Visa Canada Corp. and MasterCard International Inc. that argued the credit card companies impose undue fees on merchants.

Merchants basically want to pass the fees to consumers and as a consumer that pays for everything with his credit card this is a good thing!

The Canadian Bankers Association weighed in Tuesday, arguing that this decision was in the best interest of consumers. “This decision means that Canadians can continue to choose how to use their credit cards and to enjoy the benefits of credit card use that they have come to value,” president Terry Campbell said in a statement.

[quote]Has anyone that paid cash for anything really received a discount? [/quote]