I found this great new service (similar to Drop) but backed by CIBC, that once you link your credit card to their service and shop at a certain retailer you can earn extra cashback on top of the existing cash back or points you are getting with your credit card!

Merchants on Paymi

You can join Paymi by visiting https://app.paymi.com and beginning the registration process. The first step is to link your credit and/or debit cards through online banking. This will enable Paymi to give you money automatically when you shop with your linked credit and debit cards.

During the registration process you will be asked to log into your online banking portal using the same card number and password you would with your bank.

Link your account to Paymi

When you connect your cards through online banking Paymi will automatically add extra cash back to all of the credit and debit cards attached to your account!

I saw some amazing offers with some retailers – including Lowes at 30% cash back. Some of the retailers included popular ones like:

  • Metro
  • Winners
  • Lowes – 30%
  • Old Navy
  • Contiki
  • SportChek – 10%!
  • Artizia
  • Winners

Most of the retailers give 2% cash back but this is better than nothing and this is a bonus on top of your existing rewards!

Note: You will have to collect over $25 cash back to deposit via e-transfer for free to your account.

Here is a link to register: https://app.paymi.com. 

Enjoy and let me know if you have any questions.