Seems really good considering its $5 for unlimited calling (you get an US phone number) in the US and to Canada (While in US). PLUS they give you 10MB of 4G Data for FREE per day! Like them on facebook for 20% off as well.

Available at

  • Unlimited Roaming & Long Distance in the US and to Canada
  • Add TalkTime instantly by dialing 611 from your phone.
  • Includes Free 4G mobile data (Learn more)
  • Use your own cell phone! (Find out how)
  • Buy Just the days you need (full 24 hour days)
  • BONUS! Your first day of TalkTime is free!

Powered by AT&T, the largest GSM network in the U.S.

Here’s How It Works.
1. To start, you purchase a Telgo SIM Card to be used when travelling in the U.S. Once you register your SIM card. you will receive a free personalized U.S. number from any U.S. area code. You keep this U.S. phone number for future use.

2. The next step is to purchase Telgo Unlimited TalkTime, directly from your Telgo Phone. When you are in the U.S., dial 611 directly from your phone and purchase exactly the amount of Unlimited TalkTime Days you need. Your phone will be activated instantly, for exactly the amount of days you purchased. (Full 24 hours, no minimum days required).

3. Keep your Telgo SIM Card for your next trip, and then it’s as easy as purchasing more Telgo Unlimited TalkTime with your phone next time you travel. TELGO activates the same reserved phone number every time you travel, so that family, friends, and the office can reach you easily.

Free 4G Mobile Data Included (Coming August 31st)

Get a FREE 10MB OF 4G DATA for every day of Unlimited TalkTime you purchase. Need more data? Add 100MB for only $10! Telgo will never charge you extra for exceeding your data allocation. If you use up your daily data simply add 100MB for $10 by dialing 611 from your Telgo phone.

Use Your Own Phone

Our SIM card is compatible with any unlocked phone that uses a Sim card (including iPhones 3G/4/4s). Need to unlock your phone? Simply call your phone’s carrier (Rogers, Fido, Bell, ect…) and they will unlock your device for you over the phone.

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  • The Pointster
    Posted September 24, 2013 10:16 pm 0Likes


    I personally prefer the T-Mobile pay by the day plan.

    Check the write up on it over here:

    Doing this, you can get pretty much everything for either $2 or $3 / day and use T-Mobile’s network. T-Mobile is great in some locations but there may be locations where ATT is better.

    Thanks for the great article.

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