As someone with allergies it is important to know each airline’s policies when travelling.

Many of them have detailed policies, and this chart lists the policies of 13 major carriers, including Air Canada.


Most airlines have detailed precautionary measures and emergency protocol they take for all kinds of other allergies, too. Allergic Living researched and put together a list of the allergy policies of 13 major airlines.

Here is a link to this well-researched article by Allergic Living.

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  • Charles
    Posted August 31, 2015 12:42 pm 0Likes

    JETBLUE for shame. After we boared a flight JFK to FLL we began placating our kids with candy. Later, the cabin crew announced there was a peanut allergic passenger and the flight would be peanut free. I pointed out that we were eating peanut candy and the first suggestion was that we be removed. Ultimately, my sons shirt and pants had to be taken off and placed in a sealed plastic bag and we were to wipe down with wipes.
    At the end of the flight the peanut crazies refused to wait till we deplane dbut waltzed right past us. I use the term crazied because they used the allergy only when it suited them.
    never an apology from JetBlue.

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