Uber Free $20 ride credit (Even for existing accounts) by using Facebook Messenger (US only)

Uber has partnered with Facebook Messenger to allow you to order rides from the Messenger app. When you order your first ride through Messenger, you will get a free $20 ride credit, even if you already have an Uber account.


“For a limited time, you’ll get a free ride the first time you use this feature (up to $20 value) with Uber. All you have to do to claim your free ride is link your existing Uber account or set up a new account within Messenger and request a ride. Driver status updates and payment receipts will get delivered to a private conversation between you and Uber. With everything in one place, you can seamlessly keep track of your ride and payment history.”

Sounds pretty simple and a nice way to get a free ride. Make sure you update your Messenger app to the latest version to make sure that you can do this.

Here is a link to this promo.