The airline is rolling out an auction-style program where passengers can make a cash bid to upgrade their seat to premium economy or business class.

It is funny that I have an upcoming Aeroplan flight and received an email to make an upgrade.

Upgrades are available for select destinations and scheduled flights operated by Air Canada and Air Canada Rouge, and under the Air Canada Express banner.

If you receive an upgrade to Premium Economy Class, you will experience a different class of comfort including a larger seat, extra legroom, priority airport services and more. See the full list of benefits associated with Premium Economy Class.

With an upgrade to North America & Caribbean Premium Rouge or International Premium Rouge, you will experience an enhanced Air Canada Rouge travel experience including a larger seat, premium meals and complimentary beverages and more. See the full list of benefits associated with Premium Rouge Class.

The Air Canada bidding system is run by the Montreal-based company, Plusgrade. Its clients include Lufthansa, Air China, Swiss Air Lines and Qantas Airways, which also offer the bid program.

Would you bid for an upgrade? I like the way Alaska does this – last minute upgrades with great prices at the very end (although they are probably leaving some money on the table).

Here is a link to the FAQs.